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At ChainPad, our mission is to make DeFi close to the community with the criteria of easy to use, safe, fast, and fair.
The main goal of ChainPad is to make tokenized fundraising simple, fair, transparent, and accessible to a broader audience across all investors by providing access to multiple chains like Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, and Tron Foundation under one roof.
Although there are still concerns around the unfair distribution of tokens even with IDO across the cryptocurrency market, ChainPad looks to empower companies and projects with a simplified and streamlined token sale on multiple chains.
The multichain strategy not only broadens the reach but also provides unmatched visibility. ChainPad permits a fair distribution of tokens by the transparent tool for all users to get equal opportunities to join during token offerings.
This innovation by ChainPad cuts the market manipulations so eliminating the influence of specialized market makers.
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